User agreement and all that

This site is not a public offer, not a media outlet, and not a foreign agent (thank God). We don't offend anyone or anything, but if we do, then we apologize in advance. The "Buy chair" function is for reserving a chair by making a prepayment. It is not a public offer for a chair purchase. We assume the obligation to supply the chair, if one is available, and will try to do so within the specified time (but we don't guarantee this). The service is provided by E.R. Kim, a sole proprietor, and CloudPayments, a payment acceptance service. If your order cannot be fulfilled, your funds will be returned to you on the first business day after the order is placed. The return process can take up to 3 days, but only in some specific cases (for example, if the bank that issued your card is located in Uganda and you are using a dial-up connection). You will usually have your money back on the next banking day.

Return procedure

If you made a purchase on getwarp.com, then we will take back any chair from you — defective, broken or brand new — with no questions asked. In accordance with EAC legislation, we will take it from you free of charge for repairs under the warranty or as a return if the chair is defective. If nothing is wrong with the chair, then you will have to pay for the shipping. If you want to return an air-conditioned chair that you have already assembled, there is a restocking fee of 10% of the cost of the chair (because we cannot disassemble it without leaving traces that it has been used). If you break your chair, we offer to repair it or buy it back at a fair price.

The chair is a one-of-a-kind product with user-defined characteristics. After delivery of the chair, it cannot be returned. And it's not clear why anyone would do this, because our chairs are so cool. But if you still have an irresistible desire to return it, contact us — we'll think of something. If you get a defective chair or anything breaks, we won't abandon you! We'll do everything that needs to be done. And if your chair is under warranty, then we'll also do it for free.

Privacy & compliance

We collect very few cookies and don't share them with anyone other than our host and geolocation service. Yes, upon your request, we'll remove them immediately. We can also try to give you all the information that we collect about you, but believe us, it won't even be 5 kilobytes :) When you make a chair reservation, use our feedback forms, and subscribe to our news, we may ask you for the following information: your name (you can specify a fake name — we don't mind), email address, phone number, alias in your favorite messenger. We may also ask additional questions for which you can choose not to share personal data or you might opt to tell us something personal. In any case, we use this data only for its intended purpose and don't pass it on to third parties, except service providers (for mailings, shipping, repairs, customs, etc).


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