Computer clubs

Computer clubs, which flourished in the 00s, are back in vogue. But they are no longer basement rooms with a lone microwave and old office chairs. They are businesses seeking to create the ideal conditions for their customers. One reason why people make repeat visits is their comfort level while in the club as well as the gaming process itself. Our comfortable and ergonomic WARP Z chairs will help you with this. Their design incorporated the recommendations of experts and doctors. You won't notice how time flies in these chairs, which means you pay for another hour, and another hour, and another...

Quality and commitment

We provide immediate support and guarantees and any other repairs.

Style and personalization

We can make chairs from any material. We can personalize chairs for your club: add a logo or create a completely unique combination of colors and materials just for your club. We can add removable holders to personalize chairs for the club's partners and friends. These personalizations can be easily changed from tournament to tournament.

We understand

We are well aware of the pros and cons of various solutions, materials, and improvements. We think and then we act.

Custom solutions for extraordinary clubs

Invasion Universe, XP Esports Academy, and many other clubs understand how important it is to highly customize the club and earn maximum audience loyalty. That's why they choose WARP as their ergonomics solution provider. Join the cool kids (maybe you're even cooler?)! Contact WARP today!
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