Gorgeous and affordable, the WARP Sg is a great starting chair for any ambitious gamer. It features a lockable rocker mechanism, premium donut casters, and great ergonomics.


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Maximum functionality
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This model provides an optimal price-to-quality ratio and will appeal not only to gamers, but also to computer club owners who want a high-quality and stylish solution.

Completely silent lockable rocker mechanism

After a tense raid, what a pleasure it is to throw back your WARP and take a breather. The WARP Sg's tilting mechanism lets you find a comfortable position for playing or relaxing. And if necessary, it lets you fix your position. Without making a sound.


We know how intense gaming can be. That's why WARP Sg was created by a team dedicated to ergonomics and round-the-clock workstations since 2003. The ergonomics of the WARP Sg are well-designed to the smallest detail and provide optimal performance and support.

Design that inspires you to win

Chic black suede inserts, contrast stitching, and a design developed by the WARP Exclusive studio make this chair truly stylish.

The casters roll, and the frags pile up.

We put unique donut casters on the WARP Sg chair. Completely silent and very stylish, these center-hole casters elegantly complement the look of an already stylish chair.

Perforated eco-leather

The perforated eco-leather covering ensures optimal ventilation of the chair's surface, which is in continuous contact with the user's body. This is exactly the same technology used in automobile seats.

2D armrests that outperform some 4D ones

The armrests are height-adjustable: you can lower them while you relax and watch a stream or series): and they are rotatable. Armrest rotation is more important than depth adjustment, because it allows for user mobility.

Who is this for?

Users with a body mass index (BMI) of up to 29, which corresponds to a height of up to 5'9". The WARP Sg is an excellent purchase for someone looking for an affordable yet functional gaming chair for the home, office or esports club.



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Sg Orange/Black



Sg Blue/Black



Sg Red/Black



Sg Green/Black



Sg Black



Application Personal / gaming club / office
Maximum load 90 kg
Assembled dimensions (W/L/H) 54.5/70/124 cm
Chair upholstery PVC eco-leather + perforated PVC eco-leather. Decorative inserts and artificial suede
Backrest angle adjuster Yes, step mechanism
Lumbar support Super soft lumbar cushion on double elastic bands
Side support Yes, conspicuous
Backrest width 47 cm
Backrest width at the shoulders 52 cm
Height from seat to top of backrest 83 cm
Backrest angle (range) 160 degrees
Backrest filler material Elastic high-density polyurethane foam
Seat filler material Elastic high-density polyurethane foam
Height from floor to seat 45-55 cm
Useable seat width 37 cm
Useable seat depth 49 cm
Seat angle (range) up to 17 degrees
Headrest High backrest + cushion
Armrests 2D: Adjustable height and rotation
Armrest Pad width 8 cm
Depth of Armrest Pad 28.5 cm
Height (range) of armrests 17-25 cm
Armrest Pad material Elastic polyurethane
Minimum user height 150 cm
Maximum user height 176 cm
Mechanism type Silent locking mechanism with rocking function and the ability to lock in any intermediate position.
Chair base Hardened polyamide base with massage inserts in the beams
Wheels / supports Silent designer donut casters with rubberized rim
Gas-lift TUV 3 class
Gas-lift adjusting range 10 cm
Lumbar cushion Yes
Lumbar cushion upholstery PVC
Lumbar cushion filler material Soft holofiber and polyurethane foam
Cushion attachment type Double elastic bands, adjustable. Removable.
Height of lumbar cushion 18 cm
Neck roller Yes
Neck pillow material PVC
Neck pillow filler material Soft holofiber and polyurethane foam
Neck pillow width 22 cm
Height of neck pillow 16 cm
Weight (excluding packaging) 22.4 kg
Shipping weight 24.9 kg
Packing options 84x65.5x30 cm
Warranty 2 years
Life time 10 years
Special features
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