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WARP and Mundfish introduced the Xd Atomic Heart gaming chair

Gaming chair brand WARP has announced a premium licensed design inspired by the universe of the upcoming most-anticipated Atomic Heart game. The chair is expected to be available in March 2023
WARP and Mundfish introduced the Xd Atomic Heart gaming chair
Today, WARP, a brand of ergonomic gaming chairs, and Mundfish, a video game development studio, unveiled the first gaming chair inspired by the universe of Atomic Heart game.

The chair from the flagship WARP Xd line got a bright design with gradient gold color leather sides, red stitching and embroideries.

Atomic Heart robots can be found not only in promotional materials, but also on the chair itself. The back of the Xd Atomic Heart is decorated with a large print of the "Dixie" robot.

The limited edition inherits all the unique features of the Xd series, in particular the SmartPillow magnetic headrest, 4D metal armrests with magnetic armpad, the signature ergonomic shape with built-in lumbar support, a durable steel frame and a strong aluminum base.

Moreover, an NFC chip is embedded in the backrest, which confirms the authenticity of the chair and, in addition to warranty information, contains extra digital content from WARP.

"Atomic Heart is not just a game, but a spectacular and original universe. It was a pleasure for us to work on the design of the chair, which fully fits into the atmosphere of the game and at the same time is minimalistic enough to look appropriate within the user's living and working space." — Gleb Kadom, CBDO at WARP.

Xd Atomic Heart is not the only licensed chair in the new flagship WARP line. Even more licensed designs will be presented in 2023.

The flagship Xd line will be available for purchase in March 2023. You can pre-order the chair or subscribe to brand news at getwarp.com/en/products/xd/.

WARP is an innovative international gaming and lifestyle furniture brand with focus on creativity and ergonomics. For more information please, visit our website www.getwarp.com
Mundfish is a video game development studio headquartered in Cyprus. Founded in 2017, Mundfish is led by a talented global team focused on creating a captivating and unique gaming experience with their first title, Atomic Heart.
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